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Enterprise of the

Energetic young minds with the right winning attitudes are the core ingredients embedded within OUR TECHNOLOGY ADVENTURE in bringing the most sort after innovative solutions to meet the industry demands

  • Vision

    Envisage successful e-commerce entrepreneurs driven by high adoption of technologies

  • Mission

    • Empowering Enterprise with forthcoming technologies that can enhance business transformation
    • Support to adopt technologies and productivity solutions with bespoke training programmes
    • Endeavour to build data centric culture as the core organisational value
  • Values

    • Demonstrate integrity and accountability to external stakeholders
    • Set the organisation apart from its competitors
    • Reduce risk of inappropriate behavior
    • Strengthen the employment value proposition


Is a simplified Omni-Channel e-commerce backend system which allows users to manage five key business processes

  • Product Management

    Integrated catalog management system that allows users to manage products and listings seamlessly

  • Order Management

    Omni-Channel order management tool which simplifies the order management processes

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse management system allows users to have a bird’s eye perspective of inventories and its locations

  • Fulfillment

    Ensure error-free pick, pack and ship operations

  • Logistic

    End to end logistic management module integrates a variety of service providers

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QiJang Retail

An O to O transformation platform that allows a merchant to run a seamlessly hybrid e-commerce Operations

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QiJang Social

A unique platform for social sellers to streamline their business processes and manage its growth

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